Introducing: The Giddy Squad

We are incredibly lucky to have such an awesome community of exceptionally talented athletes. We wish we could sponsor all of you and love that you are all so eager to connect with us and to rock your Giddy gear while you're out kicking butt! 

Since we have to abide by sponsorship constraints that we have as a growing business, we decided to create a special program for you guys to show you how valuable you are to us - enter: The Giddy Squad! 

Here's what The Giddy Squad is all about: 

Athletes that are interested will be welcome (and encouraged) to apply for membership. They will be evaluated and chosen based on a special vetting process that we are still working on putting together. As soon as we have the exact details of this process, we'll post them here on the blog. 

These members are nothing short of the real deal, so they will benefit from this program in a number of ways. For starters, they will be featured on our Giddy Squad webpage and will also get to be part of an exclusive Giddy Squad Facebook community. They will each get their very own Giddy promo code that offers them 40% off of all of their Giddy purchases and that they can share with anyone they would like. 

That's not all either! Over time, as this group grows, members will be privy to things going on in the company such as exclusive events and Giddy products available only to Squad members. 

Our current Giddy Squad members were recruited from an older program that we called our Ambassadors. We think they are insanely rad and are super pumped to have them as the first members of The Giddy Squad! 

The Giddy Crew

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