Sponsored Athlete Inquiry

GIDDY Athletes are an integral part of our design, engineering and marketing process.  We strive to find athletes who share our vision and passion for the outdoors.  We don’t sponsor athletes solely based on their accomplishments, rather we are looking for enthusiastic people to help share the sport and GIDDY brand with others.

To be upfront, we do not pay our athletes, rather we offer a flat discount on all products and merchandise and occasional give away free merchandise and swag.  Athletes are also involved with helping us develop new products by providing user input and are usually the first ones to test them.

We also work with our athletes to develop new content (mostly pictures of your conquests) for our social media and marketing channels.  We also look for a variety of athletes from Climbing, Gymnastics, CrossFit and many other extreme sports!  If you interested, fill out a form we would love to hear from you!

Just to let you know, we are a small company and select very few athletes, we try to find passionate athletes who share our vision and will help grow the GIDDY brand.