It's Giddy Fan Photo Friday!

June 21, 2013 2 Comments

So, our Fan Photo Friday album on Facebook is erupting with so much awesomeness lately that we can't help but start featuring one photo each week on our blog. 

Today we did a blast from the past and picked one that already exists in the album, but, moving forward, we'll pick one from our latest weekly submissions. So, keep them coming!

To submit:

  1. Rock your Giddy gear doing whatever makes you Giddy,
  2. Snap a photo,
  3. And post it to Instagram and tag #giddyorganics or submit it through Facebook as a message to the Giddy fan page wall.

*Note that while only one will make the blog, they will all make our Fan Photo Friday album on Facebook.

Without further ado, drumroll please... 

Since today is the first day of summer, it's only appropriate that we picked this girl rocking her falling unicorn tee on the beach, upside down no less! 

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April 22, 2023


November 14, 2022

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