4 Hand Moisturizing Tips That Will Change your Climb

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Rock climbing and sore hands seem to go hand-in-hand with one another – no pun intended. While the excitement of climbing is well worth the dry palms, rough calluses, short nails and shredded cuticles, it doesn’t have to be a painful experience, nor should it be. That’s also not to mention that the pain of dry, scuffed up hands can make climbing a difficult task – and maybe even an exasperating one. So, don’t let the gashes, cracks, scrapes, blisters and flappers get you down – literally. Here are four tips all professional and non-professional rock climbers should follow to repair skin and climb safer, higher, stronger and longer.



Slip Less with a Good, Low Grease Lotion Bar

Skin is one of the most important parts of your body when it comes to rock climbing – especially the skin on your hands. The Runnerup of the 2010 Ouray Ice Climbing Competition, Sam Elias told OutsideOnline.com, “When your skin is good, you don’t feel like you’re slipping as much. And more than anything, you can bear down on really small, sharp holds without pain taking your mind away and keeping you from trying as hard as you want to.” So get a better grip with our cool mint organic climbers salve, and get great skin that is just as strong and tough.


Just Any Hand Balm Won’t Do

A lot of people (non-climbers) use hand balm to add moisturize and softness into their skin, but it’s different for rock climbers. Moisture can actually disrupt the friction required to climb, and “regular” hand balms tend to make the skin softer, making it easier for the skin to rip or scrape. In other words, the benefits people get from regular hand lotions are cons for climbers. Instead, you need a GIDDY hard lotion to keep your skin dried out and moisture-free – in a healthy way, of course. The lavender scent is also amazing. 


Not All Skin is the Same

Just because your best climbing buddy is using one kind of hard lotion doesn’t mean that it will work as amazingly for you. Skin conditions vary per person, and as a climber, you need to find a climbers salve that is specific to your skin type. You may have fairly dry and tough skin to begin with, and won’t need a strong hand balm like a climber with soft, moisturized skin would. So, before you head on over to GIDDY to purchase some hard lotion, think about your individual skin.


You Have to Stay Clean

The last thing you’re doing (and thinking about) when climbing up a cliff with nothing but your hands and feet holding you up is staying clean. Fortunately, this rock-climbing tip is for before and after your climb. You never want any dirt, dust or grit getting into your scrapes, cuts and blisters, as this can cause severe irritation and possibly even infection. So, you have to keep your hands as clean as possible. As a rule of thumb, simply give yourself a good wash after your climb. Afterwards, apply some GIDDY Healing Salve to let your outer skin re-moisturize while keeping your skin tough for the next adventure.

Your grip has to be strong enough to endure the continuous holds of rock climbing, and damaged skin and sore hands can really jeopardize this while also sacrificing your climbing progress. Repair skin and prevail as a climber with the climbers salve and other hard lotions available at Get Giddy. Shop today and get higher.




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