Introducing The Giddy Lab!

We’re proud to announce Giddy Lab!  We’ve had an Etsy shop for years now but have never paid it enough mind or attention... until now.  Over here at Giddy, we’re constantly innovating and creating new products that we sell around our local North Carolina market.  However, as Giddy’s breadth has grown and spread both domestically and internationally we want all of our customers to have access to the beta lab products we create.  Sometimes, we simply have access or an excess of powerful all-natural ingredients that we want to create new products with without going into full range production.  We also think that small batch skin care creation allows us to produce unique formulations that may be better suited for smaller audiences as opposed to mass produced products.  For instance, when we first created our best selling product(s), the Giddy Hand Balm(s), we had no idea it would develop the strong following within the outdoor community that it did.  From our bar soap (that has it’s own cult following here locally), to callous eliminating foot rubs, full body muscle creams, and bath salts… we feel that we can develop high quality small batch skin care that allows us to introduce incredible products to a wider range of smaller customer segments.  Finally, Giddy was started in a college dorm room by a young entrepreneur who was obsessed with DIY skin care recipes and formulations.  Over the years, my DIY craft has turned into an ability to create top of market skin care products.  We believe that by introducing small batch skin care products, we can help to educate our customer base and any interested demographic that wants to learn more about the joy of making their own small batch products.  As Giddy Labs grows, we plan to create more content around our ingredients, recipes, and the process that goes into crafting our high-quality products.  In turn, we will likely produce bases, scents, and ingredient varieties that will help you to get started on your own making unique products.  We also plan to make ALOT more exfoliating skin scrubs and soothing moisturizers.  Whether you want to buy from the best or take a stab at making products that are uniquely produced for YOUR skin by YOU - stay tuned with Giddy Labs and we promise you’ll find our new utilization of Etsy informative, educational, interesting, and enjoyable.


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