Is Giddy Made in America? It is Now!

I attend a good number of shows, outdoor events, climbing competitions, and pretty much any type of event that facilitates face-to-face interaction with my customer base.  Likely, the reason I enjoy these opportunities so much is that I get the chance to watch people firsthand as they experience their first impression of Giddy, try to internalize our brand, and figure out if they like and support the movement we are trying to create.  I also get a lot of questions that people don’t normally ask over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or email. One question I get often: “So, do you manufacture in America?”

“Well, umm, when we can.  All the skin care is manufactured in Durham, North Carolina.  The clothing is either eco-friendly or ‘Made in America’ but we aren’t large enough to source all of our apparel ourselves yet so we have to work through distributors and are at the mercy of their stock. So, we do our best but are not totally there yet.  As we grow – we plan on one day sourcing all of our apparel in America.” 

I think some people thought I was a slick talker who never planned on being different then the big corporations. However, enough people gave their vote of confidence in our true intentions via their hard earned dollars and that time has finally come.  Thanks to your massive support it’s time for me to make due on a few promises I made to you all and one I made to myself in college.  Going forward, every apparel item (except the hats – we’re still working on that) will be “Made and Printed in America.” Plus, any pants (hint, hint), sweatshirts, tanks, shirts, hoodies (hint, hint), beanies, jackets, and/or anything else we put out over the next year will be sourced domestically.  

Unfortunately, you’ll see a slight bump in prices.  Also, as a result of changing suppliers, we will be dropping some of our best selling styles (so a good amount of what is on the site we won’t be reproducing).  All of our bamboo shirts, the duck sweater, even the new tree shirt is on the chopping block – not the design.. just the underlying shirt and color.  We hope you’ll continue to work with us through this process.  However, our ability to release products that resonate with our customer base keeps getting better so I can at least say – our new freshness will be better than our last batch!   Get ready for some new and better products that are and always will be… Made in America!

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