Latex to Gortex: Why Skiers Use Hand Balm

The Story of How a Freeskier Gets Giddy:

I’m not kind to my hands in the winter. I’m a medical technologist and spend 10 hours a day in nitrile or latex gloves and I wash my hands with harsh detergents every few hours. As soon as I clock out I race to the mountain and toss my hands into gloves or mittens and expose them to the sun and the wind and the cold and then I do it all again. If I’m feeling particularly sadistic I’ll hit the bouldering gym after and suck the last remaining moisture of my hands out with chalk. Poor digits.

In the past I’ve made due with cracked hands and painful hangnails. This year I’ve made two changes and I’m pleased to say that my hands are holding up well. This August at the Chilean Freeskiing Championships I put in a test run and have continued using Giddy Scrub and Balm every night.

The scrub is my favorite. It does an incredible job of cleansing my hands without stripping them of whatever last remaining natural oil might possibly be there and adds an immediate sense of moisture from all the essential oils packed into the little jar. The mild exfoliation helps remove whatever I’ve killed throughout the day leaving my hands feeling fresh and surprisingly normal give their daily abuse. Because of how mildly it cleanses it is a perfect daily scrub for sensitive hands but the grit will get even the gnarliest of fingers clean and soft.

Following that up with the cedar mint balm, which never makes my hands feel sticky or greasy, keeps my hands (and feet!) from drying out. I absolutely love how light it goes on but how well it works. It feels feather light as it soaks in but packs a moisturizing punch like a heavy-weight champion! Both products will be accompanying me on every trip and to every competition I go to this year. I even keep a jar of balm in my backcountry bag to help protect my hands from the relentless alpine exposure they experience when I’m touring out of bounds.

The best part is that Giddy products are organic, natural, and hand made in the USA! Does it get any better than that? 

-Jacqueline Knutson - Giddy Athlete 

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