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GIDDY Sweet Orange Hard Lotion, Balm & Salve

AMAZING Product but Needs Improved Container

I purchased this product for my fiancé who suffers from extremely dry hands from work. We wanted something vegan, non-greasy, and unscented. He is VERY picky and LOVES this product. He said he would continue to buy it forever without looking at another product for dry hands EXCEPT for the container. The canister is small and pull off, which makes it very difficult to open. If the container were twist off, this product would be a 5/5!

Pakkawood Badger Shaving Brush for the Globally Minded


Great product!

I will continue to by this from here on out. It works so well. I apply it once right before bed and my hands heal so much better and faster than other products I’ve tried. My hands get torn up a lot from my job and my hobbies and this helps heal them so well. I notice them get better in just a few uses. This is also one of the few climbing relief hand balms that I’ve found that doesn’t contain lavender. My partner is allergic so that is a must and a lot of the big names out there all contain lavender oil.

Giddy Joint & Tendon Balm
Mike OConnell (Reno, US)
pain relief

this little tin of pain relief is incredible. for me it worked immediately reducing pain by 50% immediately and gone soon. lasted four hours each application
best thing I've found for muscle and tendon pain

Giddy Joint & Tendon Balm
Collin T (Dalton, US)
Tendon balm

I swear by this product. I've had multiple serious tendon and ligament injuries from climbing while working in the military and doing construction for a living. These injuries would not get better until I used this balm. I saw improvements in about a couple days. After a week or two i could tell my injuries were successfully healing. Plus the instant relief if a huge plus too. It helped my through a CCC injury in my wrist. Multiple pulled tendons in my forearms from climbing pockets. Also an injury I received to my elbow while practicing jujitsu.

Giddy Joint & Tendon Balm
Cathyd (Brunswick, US)
Smells great but didn't help

Honestly, I expected to feel more of an effect from the balm. I primarily bought it to ease the pain of the tendons that run across the top of my right foot. I've used it several times a day and at night, and have really not felt any pain relief. It does smell great, but unfortunately this product has not helped me.

GIDDY Cedar Mint Hard Lotion, Balm & Salve
Sarah Schlaefke (Salt Lake City, US)
Of the MANY hand balms in the world, Giddy makes my favorite

First off, they don't smell funny, overwhelming or like a cold remedy.
Secondly, they go on thick, but absorb so quickly.
Next, no oily residue after like, 5 minutes.
Lastly, small business, excellent customer service.

GIDDY Unscented Vegan-Friendly Hard Lotion, Balm & Salve 0.5oz
Zack Winigrad (Fanwood, US)
Love the product, but not unscented

I ordered one of these a while ago and it smelled fine, and worked even better. I then ordered it again after I ran out and it now has a stronger scent. Either way it still works wonders on my skin so I can’t complain too much. 10/10 will keep ordering the vegan climbing balm to save my skin!

GIDDY Peppermint Foot & Shoe Spray
Peter Jeong (Surrey, CA)
Love it!

I use the Giddy peppermint foot spray multiple times a day on my worn shoes, boots, feet, and yoga mat!

Giddy Joint & Tendon Balm
Collin Tubbs (Chatsworth, US)
Tendon balm

I used this a couple years ago. I had a couple climbing injuries and one specifically in my wrist would not heal. It showed my signs of recovery until I started to use the balm. All the other injuries were similar stories. This stuff is great for tendon and joint injuries for me because it's a direct application instead of the nutrients being delivered through digestion.

Smooth hands

My hands are smooth yet yet hold up to a hard days work.

Giddy Joint & Tendon Balm
Tally Stone (Puyallup, US)
It’s the balm!

I am a fishing guide and row a drift boat on a river in Alaska. My hands and wrists get sore. The giddy balm relives the soreness and gets me back on the river.

Climber skin Tx

Having tried many different lotions and balms I finally settled on the Giddy balms as the most effective for taking care of the wear and tear from gym climbing. It goes on without being to greasy and stays on for a long time. The best I’ve found so far.

Great Post Climb Balm

The lavender balm is great post climb to soothe sore and stinging hands. I like that you can pop the disc out of the tin, warm it between your hands, and then feel the relief as you rub your hands together. The scent is relaxing, and though the balm takes a little while to absorb, it isn’t overly greasy, which is great when you need to get to work or try typing on your phone after a sesh. Great price and does the job! 👍🏻

The best.

I’ve used Giddy for post climb healing for a long time. It is no doubt the best of the best. As a bigger dude who shreds his pads this stuff is a life saver. Mint is the best scent!

tried something new

I like the lavender one more. The orange reminds me of citrus-scented cleaner.

Love the product. Hate the new cap

I’ve been buying this in bulk for a few years and I love it! My lips always feel great. Not a fan at all if the new cap with a hook on it. I like to keep it in my pocket and the new hook on the cap makes it super awkward. Other than that, great lip balm!

Why are there hooks on them

Not a fan of the new hooks. Been buying this for years. I stock up with like 8 at a time. Got my new stock up and don’t like the hooks on the caps

Giddy Joint & Tendon Balm
Shannon Khaw (Kuala Lumpur, MY)

It’s great

Love my Giddy

Great product, especially after frequent hand washing!

Giddy Cinnamon Lavender Face and Body Clearing Skin Scrub
Katie Richardson (Grand Forks, US)
Amazing Product. Great customer service!

I've been using Giddy facewash for a couple years now. I could tell a difference in my skin after the first wash. The last order got lost in the mail - the customer service was very responsive and got another set sent out to me. I would highly recommend all Giddy products to everyone!

Giddy Lavender Body Butter
Slather Explorer
Slathery Heaven

This body butter functions better than any lotion or butter I have ever tried. Stays on when I sweat and container lasts a long time because a little bit will hydrate a large area. The lavender scent is purrrfectly balanced. This is a must have if you have chronic dry skin or live in a dry climate. Keep calm and slather on my friends.

Wonderful product

My daughter is a gymnast and gets horrible rips, this product is the best thing we’ve found to help them.