Type of Athlete:    Bouldering, Climbing, Ninja Warrior, Obstacle Course Racing       

Favorite Outdoor Location: Chattanooga, TN! Stone Fort! 

I moved to North Carolina at 22 and my roommate, Claudia, was a climber. She introduced me to climbing!  I love the physicality of bouldering! You get to pull these moves that just should not physically work. But then they do! There are so many parallels for life, and pushing hard, and breaking boundaries. I really love pushing my physical limit and showing myself that I can pull these crazy, strong moves and really redefine my own boundaries.

As far as ninja warrior and obstacle course racing, there is definitely a mental challenge aspect that draws me in. It can be very difficult, but it forces me to push myself as an athlete, which is hugely rewarding. I love the originality of ninja warrior and obstacle course racing, and playing on insane obstacles is a blast!

Right now, I'm recovering from shoulder surgery. So my biggest goal right now is to recover fully and come back even stronger than I was before surgery. As far as long term goals - the tops of things. :)  I want to compete again in bouldering, ninja warrior, and OCR. I want to get back outdoors and boulder my hardest sends to date. I'd love to compete on NBC's American Ninja Warrior again if I'm lucky enough to get that opportunity.

I suffered a massive rock climbing injury in 2012 in which I almost lost my left arm. It was an extremely devastating injury; and it taught me so much about mental tenacity and who I am as an athlete and a person. I've battled back to become even stronger than I was before my accident, and I do everything I can not to take this for granted. I've had an incredible recovery because of the unwavering support I have around me - from my surgeons, my sponsors, my friends and family, and my boyfriend. Every day that I get to climb, train, and push myself as an athlete, I'm reminded of how lucky I am. I am immeasurably grateful for the unbelievable support I have around me!