What Makes Giddy Balm So Different?

When we developed the Giddy Hand Balm, we wanted to ensure two things. First, and foremost, we needed to make sure that the balm wasn't greasy. Eww, yuck, and annoying! However, part of what causes that greasy feeling is the same wax that binds the balm together! We found a solution: instead of going heavy on the organic beeswax, we mixed in organic carnuaba wax (a harder wax that makes M&Ms melt in your mouth and not in your hands), and that was the trick to ensure your hands aren't greasy all night after application. Secondly, we wanted to ensure that Giddy balm clogged your pores. What kind of a skin care company would want to do that to their customers? If you watch commercials - think of all the times they talk about how the oils and creams "penetrate deep". Well, they are talking about penetrating your pores. As climbers, we like our thick skin. We work hard for it. For that reason, we purposely added Organic Wheat Germ Oil (refined, and free of gluten proteins) to clog your pores so that the other light oils (Organic Sesame Seed Oil, Organic Sunflower Seed Oil) wouldn't be able to "penetrate deep". It's really neat: if you clog the pores and use light oils, it heals the top layer of skin and doesn't get rid of that hard earned "thick skin!"  Plus, on top of that - it really helps to treat flappers, split tips, and just plain raw skin. The organic cocoa butter gives Giddy balm substance, organic peppermint oil helps sooth the cuts, organic cedar mint oil keeps away bugs on treks and, finally, we added an ancient Chinese herb used for homeopathic healing...Calendula flowers! Mix that all together and you have the ultimate Giddy balm!

Even if you include shipping, we are cheaper than most of our competitors, and we are completely organic.  Use the comp code: "whygiddy?" for 40% off your climbing balm purchase.  Now you have no excuse not to try us out! Soon enough, you'll know "What Makes Giddy Balm So Different!"


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