Finger Massage Ring

Often referred to as the ultimate massage tool for your fingers, The GIDDY finger massage ring is the perfect tool to relieve pressure in your tendons and restore blood circulation in your fingers.  Give your fingers the treatment they deserve!!


  • Roll the ring up and down your fingers 20 - 40 times.
  • Continue to cycle through all fingers until both hands are completed.
  • Fingers will feel warm and tingly as circulation increases.


  • Apply some GIDDY Joint & Tendon Balm to your fingers before your massage, you will almost instantly feel a deep soothing effect.  
  • The finger massage ring used in conjunction with the GIDDY Joint & Tendon Balm is a great recovery method for your fingers after a good climbing / training session, for warming-up cold fingers and also in case of injury (it can be used as often as required for healing).

Category: gear

Type: Finger Ring

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