Nick Duttle - Giddy Athelete

Name: Nick Duttle
Age: 32
Hometown: Estes Park CO/Austin TX for the next year or so....I'm Originally from Las Cruces but I haven't live there in many years so I consider Estes my hometown as of now and will be based out of Austin where my girlfriend is studying.
Type of Athlete: Pro-Climber; Sport, Bouldering, mountaineering, Endurance Athlete.
Favorite outdoor place: That is a hard question. I have enjoyed visiting so many amazing places around the world it is hard to nail down one. I do love the northwest!
Favorite travel destination: Alaska
Favorite local watering hole: Public location-Barton Springs, Hidden gem: Basaseachi at the base of the waterfall
Favorite musician: Hard to pin down..I like variety.
What makes you Giddy: Being outdoors and living life! That and jumping in ice cold mountain lakes..
Greatest Athletic Feat: Walking in a full Lightning storm in the Desert. It was erupting from the ground like geysers of light. I could see it building then erupting to the sky. Pretty amazing I didn't die. I suppose sending V14 in the Desert was a big deal for a guy who doesn't sweat and also sending Sarchasm 5.14+ at 12,000ft elevation in September was cool too. I have had many many Athletic achievements. I was the first American to send 5.14 and V12 in the same day with a total of 12 miles of hiking to complete the task.