GIDDY Cedar Mint Hard Lotion, Balm & Salve


Giddy Healing Hand Balm is the ideal product for hard working hands. Whether your hard work is in the gym, in nature, or at work it helps protect your hands so you can get back to work, play or both.

  • Not greasy; apply and go without waiting for lotion to soak in. Safe to apply at night and won’t ruin sheets.
  • Smells great without harsh perfumes!
  • Ideal for hand rips/ tears.
  • Conditions skin with natural ingredients so you can get back to doing what you do fast.
  • Soothes chafing and blistering on feet. Perfect for derby skate feet or hiking boots.
  • Over washed hands? Great on dry skin. Washing your hands many times a day strips their natural oils. Our protective hand balm doesn’t wash off in one washing. Wash your hands multiple times before needing to reapply. Convenient tin fits in your pocket.

Why choose Giddy’s Hand Balm?

Giddy is the only product on the market that is made by three generations of athletes. We are backpackers, climbers, skaters, gymnasts, golfers, swimmers, potters and lifters. We love outdoor sports and the gym and to keep our skin in top shape we’ve spent years learning about natural ingredients. We love formulating all-natural, ecofriendly skincare products that help our skin and yours feel it’s best.

Why are calluses important?

Calluses are your skin’s way of protecting itself against force and friction. They are a beneficial and necessary defense for your skin. But it feels terrible when they tear, often called rips or hangers. Giddy Balm conditions your skin so your calluses are less likely to tear or rip off. To keep your callus’s in top shape use Callus Keeper every day and gently file the top layer of your calluses to make sure they don’t get too thick and keep ragged edges smoothed. 

Nurses love our hand balm! Why apply after hand-washing?

Some professions require washing your hands repeatedly. But over-washing and alcohol-based hand sanitizers can cause hands to dry out, chap, crack and bleed, which allows germs to enter the body. Lotions can take a long time to soak into the skin or leave your skin feeling greasy. Our balm is warmed in the hands to apply. It doesn’t take a long time to soak into the skin. The protective layer stays on your skin for multiple washings. You can keep the tin in your pocket at work and keep your hands feeling GiDDY all day.


The Giddy Guarantee

At Giddy we are good Girl Scouts, literally. Making the World a better Place is important to us. We conduct our business with the highest level of integrity. If you are ever dissatisfied with our products. Let us know and we’ll make it right.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 167 reviews

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    Barbara Navarro (Boulder, US)
    AMAZING Product but Needs Improved Container

    I purchased this product for my fiancé who suffers from extremely dry hands from work. We wanted something vegan, non-greasy, and unscented. He is VERY picky and LOVES this product. He said he would continue to buy it forever without looking at another product for dry hands EXCEPT for the container. The canister is small and pull off, which makes it very difficult to open. If the container were twist off, this product would be a 5/5!

    Brandon (Portland, US)
    Great product!

    I will continue to by this from here on out. It works so well. I apply it once right before bed and my hands heal so much better and faster than other products I’ve tried. My hands get torn up a lot from my job and my hobbies and this helps heal them so well. I notice them get better in just a few uses. This is also one of the few climbing relief hand balms that I’ve found that doesn’t contain lavender. My partner is allergic so that is a must and a lot of the big names out there all contain lavender oil.

    Sarah Schlaefke (Salt Lake City, US)
    Of the MANY hand balms in the world, Giddy makes my favorite

    First off, they don't smell funny, overwhelming or like a cold remedy.
    Secondly, they go on thick, but absorb so quickly.
    Next, no oily residue after like, 5 minutes.
    Lastly, small business, excellent customer service.

    Tally Stone (Puyallup, US)
    Smooth hands

    My hands are smooth yet yet hold up to a hard days work.

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