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DIY All Natural Sunscreen Recipe

April 19, 2015

Overview:  Spring is here and with it comes the sun! Soon, it will be Summer and with it comes more sun! The sun is incredible – it’s what powers the earth and gives us life and light. However, the sun has its drawbacks. The most obvious drawback is that sunrays can cause skin cancer. More minor drawbacks are that overexposure to sun rays can temporarily burn your skin and cause premature aging over the course of your life. With that said, you need to protect your skin! I struggled for years to find the right sun protection. Most sunblocks break me out and/or are made from dangerous chemicals. As I started developing my own skin care products, I found a...

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Never Run Out of Giddy!!

February 18, 2015

Rock Climbing Balm, Hand Repair Balm, Healing Salve - mailed out monthly! Or add our lip balms or body scrubs! We understand that it can be a hassle to go online each month on repeat and buy Giddy products or having to stock up in advance and sacrifice the freshness of our small batch hand made products!  So, from now on, you can subscribe to receive any of our skin care products every 30, 60, or 90 days.  Want the larger balms? Just click the drop down!  Want to add lip balms?  Simply include both in your cart to take advantage of bulk shipping.  What's best?  You save money in the process!  You're getting more for less and it's cheaper!  ...

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