Giddy Cinnamon Lavender Face and Body Clearing Skin Scrub

GIDDY Cinnamon Lavender Face and Body Scrub is an all-natural, skin-softening formula loaded with natural, organic ingredients to soothe, exfoliate and refresh your skin. Its blend of baking soda, apple cider vinegar, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera and honey act as powerful balancing agents for your skin to reset and recharge for skin that glows.  Works exceptionally well for athletes who have oily skin or just want to get rid of some of those black heads.  And also for those who have questionable bathing habits (you know who you are!!).

How to use: Massage gently over wet face, neck and body. Rinse and repeat twice weekly or as needed.

GIDDY is for EVERYONE not just extreme athletes!

Size: 4.2 oz.


Naturally Sourced Baking Soda - baking soda, according to papyrus documents dated back to 1500 BC, has been extracted via Natron deposits since the times of Ancient Egypt and used in cosmetic formulations and soaps.  Even ancient chinese scripts tell the tale of baking soda and it’s long history in mouth care treatment. In modern times, this white wonder powder is used as a dry shampoo, a teeth whitener, in homeopathic acne treatments, in household cleaning products, and in skin scrubs and moisturizers as a pH balancer.  While not recommended for daily use due to it’s use as a drying agent, baking soda is a perfect addition to almost every skin care regimen!

Apple Cider Vinegar* - ahhh the wonders of raw, unpasteurized organic apple cider vinegar!  The fermented mother in apple cider vinegar has such a wide range of skin appealing features that we could write a book about why you would want to include ACV in almost any and all skin care formulations.  Don’t just take our word for it!  Apple cider vinegar has not only been used for centuries in hair and skin care products, research backing age old claims show that apple cider and acetic acid can help with everything from weight loss to heart health.  From a cosmetic perspective, apple cider vinegar can visibly lighten hair and skin while giving your body a natural shine and glow!

Honey - it’s no secret that honey is good for you.  What’s less known is how good honey is for your skin!  Mary Poppins may have been more accurate in saying “a spoonful of sugar is the medicine” had she been talking about honey.  It is important to ensure that your honey is raw and unpasteurized for use in skin care (as cooked honey destroys some of the useful enzymes).  The darker the honey, normally, the more antioxidants.  Honey is best known in the medical industry for it’s skin restorative properties and is often used as a last resort in emergency rooms to repair badly burnt skin.  As an interesting side note - honey is the only known natural ingredient that has a (seemingly) infinite shelf life.

Aloe Vera Gel - sourced from organic aloe vera plants, our aloe vera gel is free of chemical preservatives which can damage your skin.  One of the most widely touted and researched natural skin care ingredients, aloe vera juice has been known to be squeezed directly from the filet of the aloe vera plant onto the sunburnt skin of surfers and beachgoers.  The scientific community has confirmed through a growing number of medical studies that aloe vera helps to ease minor skin injuries faster than standard medical dressings.  The usage of aloe vera gel in skin care is nothing new as ancient egyptians communities refered to aloe vera as “the plant of immortality.”

Vegetable Glycerin* - glycerin, a natural byproduct of the soap making process, is known to soften and moisturize skin.  By pulling oxygen into skin cells, glycerin also helps to attract and retain moisture.  Because glycerin is soluble in both water and alcohol, it’s versatility has allowed it to become one of the most widely used ingredients in skin care products around the world.  It is used in shampoos, conditioners, bar soaps, lotions, creams, lip balms, and a wide variety of other skin care formulations.

Ceylon Cinnamon* - ceylon cinnamon, a sister plant to the cassia cinnamon plant which is cheaper and more widely distributed in America, was once only accessible to wealthy aristocrats during the era of spice trading routes.  Ceylon cinnamon which was what the Spice Routes of Asia were built to distribute was once more valuable per ounce than silver and gold!  While modern dermatologists recommend that their sensitive and acne prone clients avoid cassia cinnamon, ceylon has a wide array of medicinal benefits that are quite the opposite of it’s sister plant.  In contrast, ceylon (sweet) cinnamon is lighter in color and has a growing body of research, both medicinally and homeopathically via the ayurvedic movement in India, that support its usage as a beneficial ingredient in skincare and cosmetics.

Neem Powder* - neem, a ground green powder derived from the neem plant, has been used for a millennia in skin care through ayurveda culture and study.  So much scientific evidence has been built on it’s benefits that entire books have been written in tribute of this wonderful plant.  Neem has been mentioned in ancient texts spanning 6000 years back and is only increasing in popularity throughout the skincare and cosmetic industry along with the rise of the Indian economy.  Neem trees are not only considered to be good luck in India but have been playfully dubbed, “the village pharmacy.”

Liquid Lecithin* - lecithin, known for it’s creamy texture, helps to bind and emulsify skin care products.  In culinary usage, lecithin can be found in creamy chocolate recipes and even helps dough rise.  More important than it’s binding abilities, lecithin helps to pull active ingredients in cosmetic formulations down to the cellular level making your recipes more effective.

Lavender Essential Oil* - ‘lavender’ translated from it’s Latin root ‘lavare’ meaning ‘to wash’ has been used for thousands of years in skin care.  Not only is this flower aromatic, floral, and gentle, Lavender packs a powerful medicinal punch.  There is an incredible amount of clinical research on lavender oil and it’s health benefits are not only abundant but medically supported.  Lavender has an extremely calming and relaxing scent, so much, that it was believed by Ancient Greeks and Romans to help calm untamed lions and tigers.  One of the only pure grade essential oils that can safely be applied directly onto skin without irritation, Lavender Oil is also one of the most widely used and versatile of all natural and herbal oils.

Guar Gum Powder* - guar gum is used as a gluten-free thickener in everything from ice cream to skin care products.  Derived naturally from the guar legume, guar gum helps to bind oils and solids and helps to soften the application of abrasive scrub ingredients.  Guar gum will continue to increase in popularity in skin care products as a growing body of evidence supports its ability to not only effectively thicken natural recipes, but also repair damaged skin cells.  Furthermore, guar gum has a unique ability to bind water to oil based products while simultaneously acting as a preservative to extend shelf life.


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