The GIDDY Story

It was right before the summer of 2009, Tyler a Junior at Stetson College inadvertently began to develop a line of all natural skin care products that grew into what GIDDY is today. 

Having struggled with acne since high school he had exhausted most of the traditional remedies from dermatologists.  With his first foray into skin care, he focused on developing a face scrub using all natural and entirely functional ingredients.  The face scrub turned out to work better-than-expected, but he had no interest in selling the product, it was just for his own personal use.  Word around campus about this “miracle” scrub spread and sororities were quickly lining up to buy the product in gallon jugs.

With the opportunity to earn a little spending money, the new venture, GIDDY was born.  The name GIDDY comes from the whirlwind sensation you feel, such as a runners high or the rush you get when you are enjoying the great outdoors.  Tyler was hooked, soon after he continued to grow his knowledge in all natural skin care ingredients and quickly formulated lip balms, hand balms, body butters, and any skin care product that spawned his curiosity. 

Today, GIDDY is best described as a lifestyle brand and continues to flourish with its grassroots movement in the all-natural skin care and Eco-friendly apparel markets.