Free Shipping on Giddy? Forever?

So, we know it sucks that you have to pay $5-10 on shipping for a $6 hand balm.  Even for a $15 face scrub, it’s not that neat.  Worse, we are releasing a lip balm later this month that will cost somewhere in the $2-3 range. 

So how do you Get Giddy (or any of your favorite products for that matter) without breaking the bank on shipping costs? 

Well, we are distributed by Urban Outfitters "online only" (we have a big announcement about another large retailer that just picked up Giddy but shhhh!).  Because of this, we realized that our customers can walk in, request to buy Giddy at any store location through their online distribution, and they don’t have to pay shipping.  THEY SHIP IT RIGHT TO YOUR HOUSE!  FOR FREE! Even if you are in Urban Outfitters picking something else up – you can just tack a Giddy balm or scrub onto your order! :D

An update to this blog: you can also get Free Shipping at! The scrub too!

When you go in - just ask if you can order an "online only" product through the store and have it shipped to your house.

What’s more – Urban Outfitters does this to track what stores should organically be picking up our products.  So, by doing this, not only are you getting free shipping on Giddy, you are also supporting our brand and increasing the chance that your local store will begin to carry Giddy products going forward (so more people find out about us, learn about our message of sustainability + happiness, and Get Giddy)!

It gets even better: if more stores pick up our products, then less singular packages get shipped every time someone in your city wants Giddy.  Instead, they ship in bulk to the store thus reducing on packaging waste, gas, fuel emissions, etc.  So it’s better for the environment in the long run if your local Urban Outfitters picks up Giddy. 

So, it’s good for you (free shipping yay!), it’s good for Giddy (we’d be psyched to be in some local Urban Outfitters!), it’s good for the environment (less shipping waste!), and it’s good for Urban (more sales for them!).  I call that a win, win, win, win solution!

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